Educational Board Games - 5 Reasons Learning Can Be Fun

Fun gamesFun gamesSo, you're not sure if you should buy an educational board game. You probably think your children won’t like it, right? Well, I wasn't sure either. But I bought one anyway. Guess what....they haven’t put it away yet!

There are many good reasons to invest in board games. And those rumors you have heard really are not true. They are not leftovers from the dinosaur age. Most of these games can hold a child’s attention very well in spite of the fact that they often are not what we'd consider "high tech".

Reason Number One: It gives them something to do besides TV and computer games.
OK, I know what you’re thinking. We parents all think the same things, you know. How do I unglue them from the TV, and/or computer games? Most of us allow our kids to indulge themselves with these electronic devices, but it leaves us with the uneasy feeling that there's just something unnatural or unwholesome about the messages their young minds are receiving.

How often do you tell your children, “get off of the computer”, or “turn off the TV”? I can hear the whining already. Don’t leave them with a vacuum. Give them something else to do that will hold their attention. Educational board games are a great alternative. They are non-violent and they can teach your child many important skills.

Reason Number Two: You could use these games to develop family connections.
Many games offer opportunities to discuss important issues. Wouldn’t it be great to know what is going on in their heads? Just the fact that parents and children are doing something together may result in better understanding of one another. Of course, this does require an investment of your time. Yep, that thing we have so little of. I had to go and mention that, didn't I?
Wait a minute. Don’t we all have twenty-four hours in a day? Maybe it has something to do with what is important. Our children are important, aren’t they? Make them feel like they are.

Reason Number Three: These games are a break from the boring routine of textbook learning.

If your children are bored with the same old textbooks and home work maybe it is time to try something different. There are many ways to get information into their heads. Why make them hate learning when they can enjoy it? Educational board games teach the lessons without all of the drudgery.

Reason Number Four: They just might learn something.

That is why the guy, or gal, who made the game did it. He or she was hoping somebody, like your children, would learn something. And they probably will. No,scratch that. They WILL learn something. That is, if they play the game.
Some games teach math, some teach reading or phonics skills, some teach history, while still others teach moral lessons. Yes, you may have to spend a little time showing them how to play. But then they get it, and you can do something else while they learn valuable skills, er, I mean play the game. We wouldn’t want them to think there was an ulterior motive here.
And that brings me to Reason Number Five: To have fun.

Yeah, you know, fun. Wasn't that what games were originally designed for? Educational Board Games are certainly no exception. Not only is it a break from the repetitive routine that can sidetrack the learning process, it's just plain fun. Your formula for learning and fun therefore is simple: Buy the game, open it up, and show them how to do it. Then step back and watch those short attention spans disappear. Now you're learning.

Lisa Lee is a home schooling mom and co-owner of , specializing in educational toys, games and learning products, with an emphasis on the home schooling family.

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