The Ways Children Learn

In order to select the very best educational toy for your child, it is advisable to understand the different ways in which children learn. Children usually favor one particular way but of course, they use them all. This knowledge will enable you to assess their strengths and weaknesses and decide on the very best type of educational toy for their individual needs, whether it be a board game the family can play, or a puzzle they can complete by themselves.

Spatial Skills

This is play that is mostly visual. It is full of creativity, color and images. Playing in this way cultivates a child's artistic nature. This is play that is visual in nature --- full of color, creativity, and images. Learning takes place in a world of images and pictures. This type of play encourages a child's artistic side. Toys which develop these skills expand the visual horizon, giving children a way of learning through pictures, graphs or models. Play in this manner will improve visual skills and encourage imagination. Painting and drawing are key examples of this type of play.


This type of play allows learning through the body and sensations of the body. Toys in this category are designed to help hand-eye coordination and improve both gross and fine motor skills. The type of child who learns best this way is often very athletic, and enjoys all sport. The best type of educational toys and games to stimulate this avenue of learning would include role-playing and physical movement games. The keyword here is action. Get your child jumping, running, sliding and swinging with activity toys.


Rather obviously, this is play based upon writing and reading --- this does not include math! Linguistic play is perfect for children who love language whether it is written or oral. They learn best through books and word games. Play can include anything that focuses on words, like board games which are word based, or oral words, like listening to books on tape. Play with linguistics will improve language skills, allow for word association, and substantially develop language skills.

Logical This is play which is focused on numbers and maths. It includes logic, reasoning and sequence. The main benefit of this type of play includes concentrating on numbers and patterns. Toys that are ideal for these developmental benefits are number puzzle, logic and strategy games. Musical This form of playtime is based upon melody and rhythm. Enhancing a child's play with music enriches the learning environment and also improves their already highly tuned listening skills. Use this knowledge to buy the perfect educational toy for your child, and you will be giving them much more than just a toy to play with. You will be helping them to master essential skills which will last them a lifetime.

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