Rainy Day Crafts Keep Kids Happy In Any Weather

Kids stuck inside the house on rainy days can get bored and restless, but rainy day crafts can turn a gray, wet day into a fun experience for everyone. If you are not exactly a "crafts person," you may have no clue how to occupy your children on a rainy day, but in this article we will outline some of the most popular crafts and activities for children stuck at home in unfavorable weather.

Creative activities, such as crafts, get the entire family involved, and make the time go by much quicker. A great resource for discovering many new and forgotten classic rainy day crafts is the book, "Rainy Day Crafts for Children," by Amy Mullen. This wonderful book will fire up your imagination, and perhaps remind you of crafts you used to enjoy as a child. It includes traditional crafts as well as baking, making self-portraits, and other simple but enjoyable activities your kids will love.

One of the simplest ways to get kids involved is to make an activity out of baking something fun and delicious. Although they can be quite messy at times, kids love getting their hands into flour, cookie dough and any other ingredients they can stir, shape or otherwise prepare. It is recommended that you do not worry too much about the condition of your kitchen when baking with children. Obviously, if you truly get the kids involved, there is going to be a little more mess than usual. So put aside your inner control freak, and simply let everyone have fun. After all, there is a time for neatness; and there is also a time for messy child-like fun!

Cut-outs and other simple crafts can also be fun on rainy days. One simple but effective tip is to trace over a picture of the child, and then cut out the outline as a decoration. Of course, smaller children can use safety scissors, and you can use any type of paper you have available. If you don't have cardboard or other crafts paper available, try using decorative wrapping paper or even aluminum foil. Let your imagination run wild, and encourage your kids to do the same. Simple crafts activities like cut-outs can keep your children occupied for hours, and will help develop their imaginations while teaching creative problem-solving.

Another often overlooked activity that is great for rainy days is the humble board game. With video games and new technology being all the rage these days, many of us have forgotten just how fun it is to get out a simple board game like Monopoly or Sorry. Always keep a stash of board games on hand for just such an occasion. These games encourage positive social interaction, and in many cases, help build math and other school-related skills. But besides all that, they're just great fun.

Obviously, the time to stock up on materials for rainy day crafts and activities is before the rainy day comes. Search online and you can quickly find many reasonably priced craft sets that are appropriate for children of all ages. Keeping a good supply of rainy day crafts available will ensure your kids have a great time in any weather.

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