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School activitiesSchool activitiesThe need for fun play games and toys at home and at school has never been more widely recognized. Teachers and parents everywhere are learning that fun play is the key to making a success of educational games. Finding games that are fun play and educational is a bit of a hit and miss game, but often games are not expensive, or they can be played with objects you have at home.

Despite what you might think, children love to learn. They enjoy fun play, and they enjoy educational games, and often they are not able to tell the difference. However, more than fun play, children like to win. Teaching them a game that is competitive yet easy is one sure way to teach concepts and skills fast. Math is one of the easiest skills to teach through games, although word skills and social skills can also be taught.

My son George used to love one particular card game we invented, and it's a lot of fun playing with a single deck of cards, or cards with numbers on them. Each player gets two cards, and they have to add up the numbers on the cards. Whoever has the highest number gets to keep all the cards for that hand, with the object of the game being to have the highest number of cards in your hand at the end. Kids find this game to be loads of fun!

Play it with kids aged around 4 and you will quickly have them playing it with
each other and learning addition at an incredible rate.

If you have more than one child and you are trying to make use of flash cards to teach addition and subtraction, you might find that not all of your kids find these games as fun.

Play with a few kids of different ages by requiring different things of them.
The youngest should add the numbers, while older children might be asked to subtract or multiply the answers. The oldest child can be asked to tell which two numbers are on the cards, based on the other children's answers. This is game is challenging

Play it with the whole family!

Board games also always make for fun play, so don't hesitate to bring them out on a rainy day or if you can't find the time to run a game with your kids yourself.

Child learning game activity is more than only educational.

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